Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ophthalmic distress

Supplementary material

Argus Panoptes is a giant from Greek mythology. His one hundred eyes made him a formidable guardian, especially as half of his eyes could stay awake while the other half slept. Accordingly, when a jealous Hera needed someone to stand watch over Io (a young nymph with whom a wayward Zeus had fallen in love and that he had changed into a heifer to protect her from his wife's anger, before having to surrender her as if she were an ordinary cow so as not to reveal the subterfuge*), she naturally turned to Argus.

Unfortunately, when Zeus decided to free his bovine paramour, he enlisted the aid of the god Hermes... and against a god, even a giant can not prevail.

Argus still gained a kind of immortality, as Hera rewarded his loyal services by making it so his eyes would now adorn the peacock's tail, where to this day they elicit our awe and amazement.

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* Shitty plan, I know.

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